Calaruega Chapel
of the
Transfiguration of Jesus

By John Xtian

Calaruega Chapel of the Transfiguration of Jesus

The surroundings carry whispers of kindness, a whisper so soft and as tranquil as the winds that gently shake the leaves. The people who visits exudes an aroma of solitude mixed with a fragrance of sacredness and peace. The trees in the place lets visitors feel to be part of the earth again.

A quiet sense of happiness is felt after an effortless struggle of treading this elegant yet simple place.

A place so beautiful and calming; so new, a welcoming stranger, yet so familiar.

It is felt, a collective memory from ancestors of time long passed, handed down to each and every descendants in the deepest recesses of the mind, of what actual beauty is like. Familiarity broods upon the witnessing of this beauty.

Calaruega Church is a site to behold.

Calaruega Church

Calaruega is big

At the sight of its enormity of the place, one can quiver and think twice of visiting each highlight stop.

But, the force that wells from witnessing marvelous scenery is not to be underestimated because it strengthens the mind which instructs every fiber in the body to carry forward; to see a different scene that produces an equal amount of awe and enough curiosity to question how things began.

Calaruega Church

With all these accounted, one can say that beauty is a more huge, immeasurable marvel that conquers what the mind perceives to be enormous.

The Story of a Place (Author’s Imagination)

Each place has a story to tell, which can be heard from the place itself, if one listens carefully enough.

Calaruega Chapel

“It is said that all stories come from THE FIRST PLACE and branched out to other places that listened to it who told the story, and they all have one story to tell – but it did not have purpose.

But, on the thousandth day of each story that was told and heard, an uncontainable spring of life sprouted. It started small but never fragile, because it buried its root in the depths of the heart of the earth.

Calaruega Church 

Despite the harsh environment, it did not wane. And ever so slowly but with a constant pace, it grew and gave breath to the earth!

The First Place of the earth was so glad, it was so moved at the beauty of the sight, that tears of joy welled from within it – creating the rivers, the ponds and the lakes.

The clouds in the sky joined in on the celebration of the marvels that the earth experienced by showering it with an endless show of love, night and day for a hundred rising and setting of days, in the form of rain – thus, the ocean was created.

The First Place was glad for love was made out of the story that was told. Life came out of the story that was told. Thus, all stories abound generations after generations. Never ceasing to produce love out of life and life out of love.”

Calaruega Chapel

Calaruega tells the story of beauty, of time of not a distance past. One can create his own version of how all stories began. The place can aid with that.

“It is said that all stories come from THE FIRST PLACE and branched out to other places that listened to it who told the story, and they all have one story to tell – but it did not have purpose.

But, on the thousandth day of each story that was told and heard, an uncontainable spring of life sprouted. It started small but never fragile, because it buried its root in the depths of the heart of the earth.”

The Other Calaruega Chapel

Muscles tense treading the hill. A challenge that an untrained and unexperienced feet may find arduous. But the end view keeps the fire of motivation burning.

Calaruega Chapel

Legs may start to shake, lungs as if pierced by countless needles, shortness of breath, beads of sweat start to roll down the face; but, it never is the end.

Conquering the pains of these challenges, the eyes feast on a view so majestic makes the aches go away, an instant remedy to an aching mind, body and soul.

Calaruega Chapel

The Chapel stands on top of this hill, spread across the green expanse,. All sides are always open, a symbol so welcoming to those who find refuge and solace.

Life batters the mind, body and soul but every ache is lost inside the chapel as the Divine presence of God becomes tangible, felt by every reecptors at the tip of the fingers of the soul.

The Rain anticipated

As Calaruega is nestled on a high place, the crying of the skies is never an unwelcome guest. It offers perspective to those who visit.

The sky decides to let flow the waters it held, in continuous a stream of droplets that fall on the earth, the leaves and the blades of grass.

Calaruega Chapel

So rapid the drops of water as they are felt but never violent, instead it adds a profound mystery to the place, but never a sinister one, but a joyous mystery. The air is cold, never bites, but soothing.

Calaruega Chapel The sky sheds tears of joy

Talks of a wondrous pasts begin is heard among the group of family seated near the altar, laughter is heard from a group of friends who jests on a what was a tragic plight turned lesson; while the majority listens to the sound of rain as each drop kisses the earth.

Calaruega Chapel

The emotions that is evoked as a friend reminisces brilliant and wondrous pasts, shows on a face that is lit with calmness and joy.

Everyone is gathered in the gather and even for a moment, each soul is connected. And on this moment, each soul shares the sacred confines of the chapel.

Calaruega Chapel

Quietness in this space prevails, but the happiness that is felt resounds to the vast reaches of the universe as if a festival gong was struck with a firm yet gentle hands.

Visit ends

The journey to this other Calaruega chapel ends by the time decides to halt the showers it is blessing the earth with. And the soul is renewed, rested and ready to march onto a different task.

Calaruega Chapel

Going down the hill does not impose any sense of challenge nor a slight chance of difficulty is felt.

The effort to lift the feet for a few hundred steps lead to the Chapel of Transfiguration.

Calaruega Chapel

A smile crosses the face, eyes widen, pupils dilate at the sight of this chapel. It stands proud, elegant and graceful! The chapel exudes a picture, a smell, a sound, a taste and a touch of solemnity and beauty all combined into one!

The Calaruega Chapel of Transfiguration

The Chapel of Transfiguration transfigures mortals to their best selves if one lets himself be.

Calaruega Chapel

Once inside, one can feel how close he is to God, makes one realize that God has always been at his side, never to leave despite the arrogance displayed in a totally brazen, shameless way – for without God, the heart is easily corrupted, the mind easily poisoned and due to all this, the soul burns.

Calaruega Chapel

But, it never ends in this manner and nothing is ever too late. One just needs to open his heart and the corruption fades, to open the mind. God reaches out every day to each one.

Calaruega Chapel

Two becomes one, and a fresh start is born. It is never easy, problems come always. But, problems also go away. Here is a chapter, a new beginning:

Calaruega Chapel


Check this gallery for the photos in Calaruega Chapel

The statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Calaruega

A sight to behold. Majestic but never imposing, a statue it might be but it still feels so motherly. As if a blank canvass, it is ever clean, Whiteness envelopes all over, a representation of the Blessed Mother’s purity – a woman of endless beauty woman who conceived a child but IS a virgin.

Calaruega Chapel

Even so queenly and majestic but always loving to her children. Her compassion knows no abounds.

Calaruega Chapel

The background, likewise, proclaims its majesty; however, fails in comparison to the majesty of the Blessed Virgin.

Calaruega Chapel

Mt. Batulao is grandiose. From a distance, it is like a mamoth towering over the rest of the places in the area. But, its beauty is unrivaled once the eyes behold it near and close.

Last words

The Calaruega Chapel of Transfiguration is one of the most beautiful chapels I have seen. It is very grand looking but welcoming at the same time. It is suggest to visit Calaruega to experience for your self the beauty of this place.

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