The Corona Virus Effect
Lockdown Diaries
2nd Day

By John Xtian

Today is the birthday of my mother. Feeling a rush of emotion of happiness take over me. A feeling of thanksgiving that life was breathed into me and in effect experienced the beautiful things life offers.

None of this would have been possible without my mother.

The same way that mankind would not have been saved if the Blessed Virgin Mary said no in becoming Jesus’ mother.

To my mother, know that I love you so much. If there is a word that can describe a feeling to be more than love, then it’d bring me great joy to utilize such word to get my feelings across.

The corona virus rendered me unable to go home to celebrate my mother’s birthday. 

But, it’s for the best and she understands.

The day passed by just like any other days. Did my best to grab and make the most out of it.

Each and every day is different than the other and only comes once in our lives. Each day is unique, it’s up to us how to remember it in a way to make it last forever. 

Immortalize it.

Music helps make a day feel special. Basing this from my experience. This is an old guitar and it does the job.

guitar Musical companion

Yes, I played the guitar again because of the corona virus! Singing with a hoarse.

guitar Musical companion (2)

Chili dynamite is yuuum!

chili dynamite Dynamite!

This is the kind of sky that one can always relate to the Holy Week! Scorching hot and breezy at the same time.

blue skies

blue skies

blue skies

With the outside being extremely hot, it is twice as hot in the inside.

It’s the perfect time to exercise. Lunch break is for exercise.

Dripping sweat!


Painful way to burn that belly fat! This self-punishment makes you twink twice what you place inside your mouth.

belly crunch



Fats made me round. Round as round can be.

side plank

It’s been ages since I last did exercises. Side plank becomes unbearable.

side plank Side plank

Should I just say that the exercise was for nothing?

I mean, the food the commander in chief is preparing. 

Should I not eat dinner?


Let me think. I need to eat to stay healthy, right? I need a much stronger immune system during this time of corona virus.

Correct! Of course! But, I should be limiting what I eat. And that’s FINAL.

Uhmm. Let me take it back. Nothing’s final yet.

I’m discerning, alright? No one told me that potato is involved in this dish!

Ooohhh, there it is!



I’m eating! I’m eating! 

And am I supposed to resist this?

I guess, I’m just gonna have to punish myself more.

Yep, definitely need to burn this tomorrow. 

The spirit is willing but the body is weak, indeed!

Dinner! Thank you dearest wife. You’re the best!

chicken afritada

Sunsets and sunrises are what I miss the most during this lock down days.


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Corona Virus Effect – Lockdown Diaries (2)
It's one of the best places to view sunsets.

Corona Virus Effect – Lockdown Diaries (2)

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