The Corona Virus Effect Lockdown Diaries
Maundy Thursday (4)

By John Xtian

The tradition of us Filipinos during Maundy Thursday is to visit 7 different churches. It’s a day of worship, commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus, at the same time a it’s a time spent with families.

However, all Church activities are all cancelled due to the corona virus. Surprise surprise surprise.

But, the virus can never stop the faith of the people. 

Technology has greatly changed the way humans do things collectively. Thanks to Facebook Live, churches are able to stream masses live.

As a population, we may not have done what we normally do on Maundy Thursday, as a tradition.

But, the commemoration of the death of Jesus is not just about rites and tradition, it is all about love.

The Lord knows our troubles and what we are going through. He knows everything, his omnipotence knows no bounds.

Psalm chapter 51, verses 16-17:

“You do not delight in sacrifice, nor in burnt offerings. My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit. A broken and contrite spirit, you will no despite.”

So, we spend the day how we normally would with the exception of attending Holy Mass through Facebook Live.

Woke up at 8:30 in the morning, that’s 2 hours late compared to the normal days when there’s work.

It’s a slow-start-day.

Readying breakfast. What’s for breakfast?

TINUWA it is. Since it’s Maundy Thursday, thought of skipping pork.

Alugbati’s english translation is “Malabar Nightshade”? What?

malabar spinach Malabar Spinach/Nightshade

In our place we call this sibuyas, and just sibuyas. Others call it “sibuyas dahonan”. Because the term sibuyas is also used for onion.

spring onions Sibuyas

spring onion

Tamarong! English, I don’t know inglish.

tamarong fish Tamarong

Ginger (luy-a) and onion (bombay) for tinuwa. Hmmm?

Excited, to try it!

That tomato, though, it’s the best. I don’t mind eating it raw.

Ginger and Onion Luy-a ug Bombay

There it is! The smell alone crumbles one’s resolution to go on a diet!

Tinuwa with alugbati? That’s a first!

It was sooo delicious! Imagining it while writing this is making me hungry.

I realized that it might not actually be a good idea to write this blog at 11PM and looking at the food.

Definitely not a good idea. But, Maundy Thursday. So…no!

When your wife asks you to help with the chores, you obey!

Here’s a picture of our good-looking mop head.

niop head Mop head

I just love the only green in our balcony.

Horsetail plant, is it part of the bamboo family? *Too lazy to google here.*

Horse tail plant Horse tail plant

Shall I call those others as shrubs?

Shrubs Shrubs

It’s hollow inside. But, it’s a beauty!

Dead part Dead part

Getting scolded by your wife is terrifying. Terribly terrifying!

Back to cleaning, then. 

I love you, tools!

dust pan dust pan

This guy right here is our homemade disinfectant!

Chlorine + water Chlorine + water

Might as well exercise after cleaning. Profusely sweating after all the sweeping, mopping and disinfecting “exercise”!

I actually just need a pillow and I can sleep.

Nowadays, a gallon of water only lasts 2 days.

Holy Mass time!

This is the modern way of waiting for the mass to start.

A prized commodity these days!

Beautiful, fluffy blue skies!

For dinner:




An easy open can that is not so easy to open!


We always wanted to end our day praying the Rosary and the Breviary evening prayer.

A difference during Maundy Thursday is confession. It’s a special kind of confession, though!

1st Mystery of Light – The Baptism of Jesus in the river Jordan.

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