The Corona Virus Effect
Lockdown Diaries

By John Xtian

The effect of this corona virus has been both bad and good. Bad because people are holed up in their houses, never getting out, fearing of getting infected by the virus – which, by the way, should never be taken lightly.

Good because people are holed up in their houses. Parents get to spend more time with their children. Children get to spend more time with their parents – which, is a rare occurrence nowadays. Good because the earth has healed itself. Low carbon emission has, even for a little while, balanced out the effects of global warming.

For us, it’s still workday which I am feeling so thankful. Not all people get to work during this trying times. We pray for those who are laid off from work because there is no work for them to do.

I work even if it’s so hot inside our unit and I always inculcate it in my mind that it is a small price to pay for this blessing that is bestowed on me – to still have work amid this time during the corona virus pandemic.

Thought of actually documenting (taking pictures) the daily happenings of my life in the midst of the corona virus lock down.

My Corona Virus Quarantine Diaries.

You guys ever eaten sweet potato before? If you haven’t, you are missing out on the simple things that matter.

Sweet potato. Afternoon snacks it is!

What’s better than to end your snack with a refreshing drink? Actually, it’s just water. Cutting out on softdrinks…not quite, yet. Working on it, though. That’s corona virus, fer ya!

Calamnsi juice for drinks! It’s just water really!

Didn’t want to turn on the aircon during day time. This place is turning into a sauna, I’m telling ya! Here’s a mini fan to keep me sane while working.

It does the job, prevents the sweat from dripping down my eyes!

Best way to not incur huge amounts of electric bill!



You gotta plan out what you want to eat for the day. It’s not diet or anything, though. Just wanted to prepare my tongue.

Chicken ham and beef loaf any good?! YAAASSSAAAHHH!

Told ya, it’s just water! 😀

We planted a lot of plants, before, then I gave up after my plants all died. Don’t have a green thumb, apparently.

But, see these? They’re the only greens in the house. Wife is developing a green thumb. 

Oh, the silverlining of this pandemic. I know, I know…we just want to think of the good side of this corona virus year we’re in.

Horsetail plant

It’s the grave of the plants that have died.

Keeping yourself healthy is a priority. Vitamin C is the best ally of our immune system.

Vitamin C vs C Virus

Bewell C Vitamis

I always look forward to dinner time. You see, we only eat twice a day: Brunch and Dinner.

So proud of the chief of staff (wife) preparing dinner for us.

But, what’s she cooking, though?

Squash! Lotsa squash

Ooh careful there, love! (Lemme take a pic first)

Mr. Potato right here.


Ooh! Now, I’m hungry! Hurry it up, will ya? KiddingPork Pork for usss!

Cabbage! I know it’s cabbage, of course! I asked her, of course. LOL


This is where magic happens. Ooh taste is multiplied with this. so subtle yet so grand.

Garlic Garlic of love

It is never complete without its partner! No wonder why Indians love this.

onion Onion…oh, another love!

There it is! There it is! The flames of war is ignited!

Cooked pork

Cooked pork

Can you guys smell it? Ooh, I know you do!

Cooked pork Hungry right?!

Hunger Veeerrryyy hungrrryyy!

I’m actually feeling hungry while writing this. I swear I’m gonna attack the kitchen again and it’s 10:53 PM already.

Cooked pork Sorry I had to rush to the kitchen to eat again!

As the sun starts to set, always look back and think of the good things that happened. Collect memories. Collect good memories.

That’s our memories box and it’s full of memories.

memories box

We always hear on the news how much our fellow people have suffered due to the corona virus.

Me and my wife wanted to help even in our little ways and the best person that we always turn to is God. 

We try our best to always end our day on a high note: praying the rosary every night and the Breviary evening prayer.

Holy Rosary Holy Rosary

We always ask the Blessed Mother to intercede our prayers to her Son.

Please, if you guys are reading this. Pray for your families, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, nephews, nieces, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, friends, workmates, acquaintances, that may God keep them safe from the infection of the corona virus.

Pray for the people fighting the spread of the corona virus in the front lines: the doctors, nurses, LGUs, policemen, military men and all the other not mentioned; that may God keep them safe from the infection of the corona virus.

Pray for those people who need to go to work to serve the rest of us; security guards, janitors, those who’re working in grocery store, fast food chains, banks, pharmacies, drivers, delivery men, etc., that may God keep them safe from the infection of the corona virus.

Pray for the scientists who are working on a vaccine against the infection of the corona virus, that may God enlighten their minds and in effect discover a vaccine. 

Pray for the infected, that may God accompany them when they are alone and when they feel alone in their hospital beds and may God restore them back to health soon.

Pray for those people who are awaiting their corona virus test results; that may it come out negative.

Pray for the souls of those who have died, may God forgive them their sins and welcome them into His kingdom.

Pray for the families of those who have died; may God comfort them in their sorrows.

Pray for your leaders, may God enlighten them so that may know what to do in this time of crisis. 

Pray for your safety and the safety of others.

But above all, thank God for keep you safe and thank Him for all the things He has given and trust Him knowing that all things happen according to His plan.

Corona virus has done more good to the earth and a lot of harm to the human population; which, for some experts, would say, needs some checker. It was only until the 1900s that the human population reach the 1 Billion mark; and just another 50 more years for it to double the size and now we are at 6 Billion.

It is just a matter of time before humans are driven to extinction because humans no longer have the means to support itself with its resources being consumed by it.


But above all, thank God for keep you safe and thank Him for all the things He has given and trust Him knowing that all things happen according to His plan.

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Corona Virus Effect – Lockdown Diaries

Corona Virus Effect – Lockdown Diaries

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