The Corona Virus Effect

By John Xtian

We can all agree that these are trying times. One can wish that this didn’t happen to their generation – but, the truth is we don’t get to choose what happens. However, we can always make the most out of it. 

This is the corona virus effect.

Red lantern in Chu Un Temple

I wanted to do something, even if it’s not that much; something that people can read or show my pictures which is taken from this part of the word in Cebu, Philippines.

So, I thought I wanted to document what is happening in our lives right now. As all generations are experiencing such tumultuous times.

Traditional self-inflected scourging in Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines

March 29, 2020 is a Sunday. Writing this log at 8:37PM. I wanted to remember what happened this day.

Millions, if not billions of people in the world are staying inside their homes. At least, in the Philippines, there are masses held in churches.

People attend masses either via radio, tv or the internet (Facebook Live) and we did. 7AM was the mass schedule we attended, held in the seminary where I used to study.

The sun scorched the earth this day. It’s usually very hot around this time of the month. It seems that this corona virus has everything going its way.

But, I had the make the most out of this home quarantine; it cannot just be watching movies, though, or browsing Facebook or Instagram. So, I exercised.

We cannot just turn on the aircon, as the electric bill will leave a big cut on our budget. Profusely sweating as my body temperature matches the temperature outside while realizing that the poor are the ones who are heavily affected with this corona virus pandemic.

Tricycle driver in Dumaguete City

We prayed the rosary, evening prayer via Breviary prayer, Oratio Imperata against the spread of the corona virus, extraordinary novena to Mary Help of Christian and the deliverance against the spread of the corona virus.

The health workers, LGUs, policemen, military men, world leaders, the poor, the scientists working on a vaccine for the corona virus need our prayers. Let us pray for them.

When will I get to see sunset again?

Sunset in Silliman University in Dumaguete City

Or the mountains and the seas and all the other beautiful things of this world?

Sunrise during Sinulog fluvial procession

Kawasan Falls Dam

We always miss the good things when it starts to get out of our reach.

We always miss the good things when it starts to get out of our reach.

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Corona Virus Effect
Corona Virus Effect

Corona Virus Effect

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