By John Xtian

When one spends most of his time inside his house for a long time, he can’t help but remember the good and beautiful things outside.

It has nothing to do with regretting to live his life outside; but, it is more of a longing.

February 14th of the year 2020 was a Friday. The author has again experienced the beauty nature has to offer. The beautiful thing outside. 

The intention was never the intention of this escape, for Valentines day, for them, is overrated. It was a means to get in contact with nature, yet again.

Inside his house is very hot. Memories of a beautiful, peaceful and cool place came rushing inside his mind. 

“How nice it would be to dip my beauty in those cool waters again.” he thought.

It would be truly an honor to show you what was experienced on that day. The place of the coolest waters on the island: Kawasan Falls!

Kawasan Falls: 1st Level

Kawasan Falls: Small bridge

Kawasan Falls: Geothermal Plant

Kawasan Falls: Clear Waters

Kawasan Falls: Clear Waters

Kawasan Falls: Lamp Post

Kawasan Falls: Old Brige

“Oh, how cool the waters in the second and third levels of the falls” he thought again.

For you see, Kawasan Falls offers three distinct water falls.

The thought to visit just crossed his mind. He must have felt that an impending danger is looming on the horizon – in the form of COVID19 and it won’t be long before he gets stuck inside his home.

Never to experience the outside world again until the corona virus dies.

Kawasan Falls: Mini 2nd Falls

Kawasan Falls: 2nd Level Falls

Kawasan Falls: Jump

He has visited the place countless times and always thought that the next time he visits, the place will no longer amaze him.

He is never more wrong.

Every single time he visits is like a first. No matter how many times he beholds the beauty of the place, it never ceases to leave him in awe.

Kawasan Falls: Dam

Kawasan Falls: Tourists

Kawasan Falls: Tourists

Kawasan Falls: Dam

Kawasan Falls: Dam

Kawasan Falls: Dam

Kawasan Falls: River

All praise be to the Creator, God Almighty for providing a beautiful sight to behold.

Unworthy are the humans to be given such beauty, to be shown such love.

A being so tiny that can hardly be called an existence and yet is given dominion to govern all things on this earth.

Kawasan Falls: River

Kawasan Falls: River

Kawasan Falls: Stones

Kawasan Falls: Stones and Tourists

Kawasan Falls: River

Kawasan Falls: River

He swears that the waters of Kawasan Falls is the best he has ever felt. He swears that he is not to be surprised by it again.

He is once again wrong. For the waters of Kawasan Falls leave an experience as if it is the time first time it touches someone’s skin, no matter how many times they showered or swam in it. 

As if it turns back time.

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Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls

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