Kinatarcan Island
The Last Frontier of Cebu

By John Xtian

Kinatarcan Island – Unspoiled Beauty! Let’s keep it that way!

For some, this might the be first time to hear of this place: Kinatarcan.

Well, you’re not the only one. Because when I heard of this name, that was also the first time I heard of it.

Maybe because you might have heard of a totally different name but referred to the same island.

For the people in the surrounding area of the island (Daan Bantayan, Bantayan Island, Bogo, San Remigio), they call it as Gintacan, Gintakan, Gintarkan.

Erm, in the later part of the following years that went by, the term Kinatarcan was coined .

In any case, it sounds almost the same as Gintacan.

This blog post will primarily showcase the beauty of Kinatarcan.


Gina Lopez

I got to know and visit the place because of Gina Lopez. If it was not for her, I would not know of this beautiful place.

Gina Lopez

She made a lot of efforts to promote the island and convert it, in time, into a premier tourist destination.

Efforts began

Accommodation used to be a challenge in Kinatarcan. No hotels, nor resorts. But, it was never a problem for the adventurous.

However, it all changed when Gina Lopez took the effort to convert the place without actually destroying it.

Came the Kinatarcan Island Wellness resort, an eco-tourism facility.

Eco-domes can house multiple people.

There was no better model for this eco-dome other than Antoinette Taus.

Antoinette Taus

Antoinette Taus

Glamping tents are also available for accommodation. These are huge tents that can accommodate up 5 (five) people.

Kinatarcan Glamping

Glamping tents

Accommodation is not going to be a problem any longer.

If you want to book an accommodation in Kinatarcan, you may visit the Kinatarcan Wellness Resort by going to this link:

Alternatively, you may call them at (032) 238 2671. A call is highly suggested.

The Place

Kinatarcan Island, without a doubt and with conviction I will say that it is gorgeous! There is not a need for me to describe the place with highfalutin words.

Partly because, I also do not know what other words to use aside from gorgeous and beautiful!

Kintarcan Island Crystal Clear Waters

Emerald green waters! The whole island of Kinatarcan is surrounded by this crystal clear beauty.

Side cliffs with crystal clear waters

With how clear the water is, one can just literally swim anywhere.

Side cliffs with crystal clear waters

The Kinatarcan lighthouse which we regrettably missed to visit.

Kinatarcan island lighthouse

The Laaw Lagoon

Kinatarcan Laaw Lagoon
This place is completely hidden. If a person is not from the island, one will never think that this beauty exits.
But, of course, as expected, a lot of locals would frequent this place.

Kinatarcan Laaw Lagoon

The Laaw Lagoon is home to lato seaweed. I love lato, but this is a different kind of lato they have here.

Kinatarcan Laaw Lagoon

Legend has it that the Laaw is guarded by the elementals. In fact, on the way going to the lagoon, there is a huge open space that gives off the feeling that someone is living there.

If you know what I mean.

Tambo-an ni Leon

I didn’t even care to ask who Leon is.

Tambo-an ni Leon

Tambo-an ni Leon

Tambo-an ni Leon

Kintarcan Island

Kintarcan Island

Life of simplicity

Chill! One adjective that I can use to describe the way of life of the people of Kinatarcan Island.

Kinatarcan Island Sunrise

Children enjoying white sand beaches in Kinatarcan island

Kids taking an afternoon dip

Strolling by the beach

Old lady helping out in cleaning the beach

Kids hiking from school

Family praying before heading out to fish

Family praying before heading out to fish

Family heading to the ocean to fish

The ladies in Kinatarcan who care for the making of Moringa extracts

Kids looking happy seeing #MayWard

Simple children

Sunrise and Sunset

I love sunrises and sunsets. During this time of the day, everything just feels still, unmoving, as if on pause.

I did not lack any of these when I was in Kinatarcan, combine it with a quiet place, carefree people and a beautiful sunrise and sunset, one would never want to go back to the city.

Kinatarcan has one of the most beautiful sunrises

Sunset is to die for

Sunset in Kinatarcan

Family praying before heading out to fish

Sunrise in Kinatarcan


We were graced with the presence of Maymay and Edward during. I will have a totally different post about these two, being in Kinatarcan, on a different day.

Maymay is really tall. Such a jolly lady.

#Mayward arriving in Kinatarcan

#Maymay in Kinatarcan

#EdwardBarger in Kinatarcan

“Kinatarcan Island, without a doubt and with conviction I will say that it is gorgeous!

Gallery of some of the livelihood of the people!

Check out this gallery (scrollable gallery):


Last words

Kinatarcan is an island beauty. Yes, it is far. But, the travelling will be all worth it.

It definitely left an impression on me, and surely it will leave one on you, too. Because beauties like this is scarce nowadays. 

If ever you’re visiting the place, make sure to help maintain its beauty.

When are you planning to visit?

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I’ll catch you guys on the next one.

Kinatarcan Island – Unspoiled beauty! Let’s keep it that way!
Activities like this should be available in Kinatarcan Island

Kinatarcan Island – Unspoiled beauty! Let’s keep it that way!

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