La Vie In The Sky

By John Xtian

La Vie In The Sky has become one of the primary destinations in Cebu City. Views so spectacular, air so fresh, breeze as cool as a gentle kiss on the cheek.

It has become a joke amongst a group of close friend to call the other La Vie (La Vie Parisienne) as La Vie In The Land.

For the orientation of the unoriented, there are two La Vies in the beautiful yet unassuming city of Cebu: La Vie Parisienne and La Vie In The Sky. This topic; talks about the the latter.

Towering above the city, this place is not just a mere destination for sights. It is a place of retreat and solitude, of gathering and recollecting one’s self.

But, it gets easily tainted with the presence of other souls who wander with the intention and purpose of fun. A communion of the soul once so grandiose and reverent is muddled with the throngs of laughter and disrespectful chattering.

However, one only need look at what is inside, both of the place and the atmosphere of happiness – made so palpable with the smiles that envelope the place.

Friends and families are talking again, sharing their joys, reflecting on memories of a distant past.

So, what is this place exactly? One might ask.

Happiness. A source of happiness. A kind of happiness that is inexplicable with words; however, it is tangible with the eyes of the soul.

Peoples nowadays are thinking about the times when the only dangers of going out are bad people who mean someone harm.

But, it is now different today; a virus attacks anyone indiscriminately.

In effect, people now have more time to spend with their loved ones, families, mothers, fathers, siblings, wife, children.

It likewise gives time to browse through old pictures, just like what is happening now.

Pictures of La Vie In The Sky whose existence in the hard drive is almost forgotten. Scenery like in the La Vie In The Sky makes one reminisce the life outside and the freedom that comes with it.

Everything looks so peaceful from the top. A perfect place to have some wine.

View from the top

An abundance of wine.

La Vie In The Sky is a very beautiful place. Located 10 kilometers away from the Provincial Capitol of Cebu, going up the mountains, is a place of peace.

However, comparing this to its sibling, La Vie Parisienne in Gorordo Ave., Lahug; one can say that the one in the plains is much better.

Make no mistake, there are still a lot of people going to the one in the plains, but it’s not crowded. Unlike, in La Vie In The Sky.

However, if being crowded does not bother you one bit, then its beauty is something to look forward for you to witness and behold.

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