Osmeña Peak Cebu

By Ykgnip

Osmeña Peak CebuOsmeña Peak

The sleepy town of Dalaguete is home to the highest peak in Cebu, The Osmeña peak. The peak is not just a peak for the sake of trekking, it offers views appealing views to the eyes that one can’t help but feel refreshed.

Osmeña PeakOsmeña PeakOsmeña Peak Cebu

Mantalongon is the name of the barangay where the peak is nestled. Aside from Osmeña peak, the barangay is also dubbed as the vegetable capital of Cebu.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Vegetation thrives in the area for it remains cool due to the high elevation. Elevation is high but the comings and going to this place is nothing but a breeze.

Bosconians and the Osmeña Peak

Way before the advent of social media, me and my fellow Bosconians have been trekking the now-widely-renowed Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon. It was a tradition of Cebuano Bosconians to have a yearly retreat in this area where a retreat house is owned by the priests.

Likewise, it has become a tradition to trek Osmeña Peak during and every retreat.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Jogging (not walking) going to the peak has almost become a norm.

Present Time

The feeling to try to relive what once was is an itch that can never be scratched unless it is properly served.

I have been wanting to go back to the peak; but, something keeps on holding me back, the thought that it’s not the right time yet.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

So, I held the thought, knowing that the right time will come. 

It did come.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

There will always come a time in the life of a person when he has to make a decision. This decision can alter every thing – the way you are living your life, the way you treat people and how one views life in general, basically.

Proposal at the Peak

There will always come a time in the life of a person when he has to make a decision. This decision can alter every thing – the way you are living your life, the way you treat people and how one views life in general, basically.

But it is nothing horrifying. In fact it is for the better.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Osmeña Peak became an instrumental place in turning my life around. 

I proposed to my then girl friend, my wife now, to marry me. Yes, the peak was the place.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

I wanted to take her to the highest point in Cebu and expressed my intention to spend the rest of my life with her. There was no better place than taking her to the top most point in Cebu.

The Feeling

She said yes and the feeling of happiness was overwhelming. I felt so happy knowing that she was thinking of the same thing, that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Beautiful Views

Nature cooperated with me. It was cold with all the fog surrounding the other peaks adding mystery to my intention, but despite that, the sun was out.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Every thing was beautiful, every thing was perfect. I could not have asked for a better scenario.

Peaks Everywhere

As you traverse going to the peak, you may have the feeling that you’re small, like a pebble, or anything that is the tiniest of things.

That is because, as you look around when you’re at the foot of the mountain, everything around you are mountain peaks. Grand and majestic, standing old but proud.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

You may feel insignificant but more than any other feeling, the feeling that you belong is there. That you’re at home. That you’re one with the earth.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

As if you once tread the place, embedded in it.

And once you stand at the very top, there you will feel how significant you really are. That you matter.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Peaks surround you all over as if kneeling and watching before you. You are there and that’s all that matters.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Last words

If you have the chance to visit The Osmeña Peak, you should. It’s not just the view that you will see, is the the feeling of tranquility that you will have once you visit.

Nothing beats peace and the sense of being one with nature, one with your roots, one with the earth.

Osmeña Peak Cebu

Osmeña Peak never fails to give you these.

The people in Mantalongon is never short of courtesy, they are very much abundant of it.

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Osmeña Peak Cebu

Osmeña Peak Cebu

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