The Corona Virus Effect (2)

By John Xtian

It was only the other day that I started to document the things that is going with our world in light with the spread of the corona virus.

Light vs Dark

Heard some good news yesterday that Japan had some positive results with the medicine they’re using against the corona virus. Avigan is the name. Wish this is the answer to the problem of the world.

At the very top of Cebu

The whole island of Cebu is on enhanced quarantine. No one is allowed to go outside their homes, except those who have the quarantine pass. But, the pass can only be used by the holder to buy groceries or go to work. Only one member per household can go out.

We received our quarantine pass today. It will be groceries time this Saturday.

It’s a very hot day today, as usual. It hasn’t rained for the past 3 weeks maybe. A few drops would be good.

But, don’t want it to be an all out rain. Somewhere in the city, there are people walking the streets going home or going to their workplace due to public transport being stopped.

On the other side of things, the corona virus has done great service to mother earth. Lessened human activity has great reduce pollution in the air, the sea is getting cleaner. 

Casino Peak

The enemy of humanity is the greatest ally of the planet earth.

The corona virus has introduced a different perspective to the way, we humans, live our lives.

Earth is healing. Hopefully, this pandemic opens our eyes and reflect on the destruction we caused to our planet; and do things in a different way for the better.

The enemy of humanity is the greatest ally of planet earth.

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Reflecting on the Corona Virus Effect (2)

Reflecting on the Corona Virus Effect (2)

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