Reflections In A
Daily Life

By John Xtian

Reflections In A Daily Life

Way back during those years when I was still under the care of priests, I always had the schedule for reflection. Everyday.

It was something new to me. I did not even know what to do.

I had a lot of questions. Like, “What am I supposed to reflect on?”” What is reflection?” “What do you reflect on?”

These questions would always come flooding my mind as.

This was during my first year.

Reflection in a daily life of a lonesome man

Then, I started reading books, heard things about Philosophy and Theology. Slowly it dawned on me and opened my eyes.

Gradually, I realized I can reflect just about anything. Anything. I call this the POSSIBILITY OF ANYTHING.

My reflections in a daily life involved the Scriptures and stories about love, because within these two premises, anything can happen.

Did I get answers in my reflections?

Yes and No. But, in most cases, I had more questions than when I initially started reflecting about anything.

But, it did not make me confused. Because it made me humble. Humbled to realize that there are a lot of mysteries in the world.

“That our knowledge and understanding of the world is incomplete. But when the perfect time comes, all incompleteness will pass away.”

Lonesome Tree

Familiar? Yes, because that’s an excerpt from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.

It is a very good topic to play with your mind and start reflecting on it – The Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians.

When I think about this letter, it’d always leave me with a lot of questions in my mind.

“What did St. Paul feel when he was writing the letter?”, “When the Holy Spirit descended on him to write the letter, did he feel it, or was he just inspired to write down what he felt, amazed at the wisdom that came pouring in?”.

Reflections in a daily life

Up until now, I still do not have an answer to these questions.

But, I do know one thing and that there there was an emotion of love involved when St. Paul wrote the letter.

I did not do research about it, I just know it. Because the reflection in a daily life, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to shed some light on things we know nothing of.

My Photography and My Reflections

I’m a landscape photographer and that is what this website is all about. But, I cannot help but relate the beautiful landscape around us with God.

Oslob Church

The scenery around me always draws a lot of questions in my mind.

“What is the history of this place?”, “Do birds talk to each other?”.

But, the beautiful landscapes also make me feel at home, at peace, privileged and blessed to see the wonders of the world.

When I was a kid, I always liked the idea of exploring places that I have never been or doing things that I haven’t done before.

The thrill of experiencing something new adds up an ounce of excitement to what I’d always feel when I do it.


Thus, I always capture the beautiful sceneries around me.

That is the reason why I’d always itch to go up the mountains, search for places that I haven’t visited or revisit one and just experience its beauty again.

Photography helps me refocus and find a different perspective in life.

The reflection in a daily life for me involves nature: mountains, oceans and the creatures in them.


Will the things you reflect in a daily life change through time?

Yes. As time moves, you will start to realize things that you wouldn’t have in the past years. Wisdom comes with it.

You will have answers to the questions you once asked.

The reflections in a daily life of a man continues and moves forward every single time.

“Because the reflection in a daily life, we are inviting the Holy Spirit to shed some light on things we know nothing of.”

You’ll never know it!

There are moments in our lives when we don’t what to do, is actually the best avenue to reflect on what has been, what is and what will be.

The most beautiful thing about these three is it helps us realize that WE ARE HERE, continuing to exist, capturing what is essential no matter how trivial it might seem for a moment.

Thus, I always wanted to capture what is here. Photography helps me tremendously in that aspect.

Remember, as much as you can, all the things that is happening around you, for no moment is the same as the other.

Everything is unique!

The reflections in a daily life!

Here are some images below, hoping it’ll give you some peace of mind.

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NOTE that all photos are mine and are captured by me.

Reflections in a daily life – What and How to reflect
A beautiful sunset to reflect on something

Reflections in a daily life – What and How to reflect

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